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Conceptualist.com is a blog written by Sahar Sarid, a popular domainer and industry expert based out of South Florida. The posts are light, informative, and often times visual, with charts, graphics, and videos. Sahar writes interesting and thought provoking articles, and has a following of some of the biggest names in the domain industry.

According to Sarid, he got started in the domain game after he heard about business.com selling for 7.5 million dollars. Though he was broke at the time, he started buying up names on a credit card with a $20k limit. He soon teamed up with a programmer and together they worked to uncover the mystery of dropped domain names. Through the system the two developed, Sarid acquired some of his biggest names and helped to broker names for other people. Since that time, Sarid has been referred to as a future billionaire by other top domainers and is well respected in the industry.

Sarid is a well respected domainer and his opinions and commentary are well worth the read.