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Whizzbangsblog.com has been online since 2007, and according to owner and chief editor Michael Gilmore, receives several thousand people reading regularly. Michael is happy to share information and typically posts several times per week.

Born in Melbourne Australia, Michael has been working in the BBS and Internet industry for the past 20 years. During this time he founded an ISP, ran a web development house and raised several million dollars of venture funding for an innovative online marketing tool.

For a maximum term of six years Michael served as a director of the Australian Internet Industry Association (iia.net.au), the last two of which he was the vice-chairman. He contributed to forming Internet industry policies including; privacy, cyber-crime, copyright and chaired the committee for online advertising standards.

Michael has also developed an extensive portfolio of domains and in 2007 was one of the founders of ParkLogic which is now widely regarded as the most sophisticated domain asset management platform in the world.

Michael attends many of the domainer events and is a great guy to discuss the domain industry and to brainstorm new ideas.