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NameDrive was launched as a domain parking company in August of 2005. According to NameDrive they currently have more than 5 million domains listed with them, and 1 million of them active at any given time.

One of their biggest strengths lie in international traffic in which many report having much higher payouts with NameDrive than with other companies. NameDrive capitalizes on the international traffic by providing their homepage in multiple languages, and providing support in 15 different languages.

Another useful feature of the NameDrive service is the ability to research and purchase domains parked on their system. They display the amount of traffic AND revenue for each domain, making it easier for a buyer to find a domain that makes money.

NameDrive clients range from those who own just one or two domains to some of the largest domain portfolio owners in the world with hundreds of thousands of domain names. Their primary ad feed provider (Google) has such a wide base that the company doesn’t really have to concentrate on specific niches, and they still end up with top paying ads. They are also quick to point out that a domain owner can get far more out of using multiple parking providers than just using one provider for everything. Now that’s a level of honesty you can rely on!

NameDrive is headquartered in Washington D.C., with a presence at most domaining events around the world and are regulars at TRAFFIC and Domain Roundtable shows.

On an interesting side note, NameDrive informed iGoldrush that the company picked up their domain name (namedrive.com) as an expired domain. It was originally registered in 2002 but NameDrive didn’t register it until 2004.