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Fabulous is a domain registrar, parking company, and portfolio management company all rolled into one. Based in Brisbane Australia, they’re reputed by many domainers to have some of the best customer service in the industry. Fabulous is a top 20 registrar and has been ICANN accredited for over ten years.

Their parked pages are customizable within Fabulous control panel, and reputed to be among the best. In order to get a monetization account, they require a minimum of 50 domain names and its important to note that you can only park domains if you have a monetization account.

Fabulous registrar services also come with high recommendations, and their staff is known to be very courteous and helpful. One particularly nice thing about Fabulous is that several of their company executives frequent domain forums and will take time to answer concerns and questions. They also offer some excellent security options to keep your domain assets well protected.