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Some Final Words About Monetizing Domain Names

The biggest worry to new domain investors is that all of the good names are gone. This is mostly true of the names that draw in millions (or even hundreds of thousands) of dollars. But remember, there are plenty of good domain names left, many that could easily be resold for hundreds of dollars. Also, the word “gone” is operative – the fact that someone has registered a domain does not mean it has disappeared. It just means you’ll have to pay more than a standard registration fee to obtain it. Additionally, the industry continuously comes up with new TLDs, offering new domainers a chance to purchase some of the highly-desired generic domain names with a different extension.

The domain investment industry remains as lively as it did in the beginning (during the initial domain goldrush). It is a constantly evolving industry and there will always be money to make in such a viable online market.

Now that you’ve learned about what you can do to monetize your domain names, let’s look into actually buying and selling domains in the secondary market. [1]