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London Police Want Their Domains

London’s Police Department was surprised to hear of an IT manager registering domain names based on the term Metropolitan Police. The police department asked for the domains, but the owner, Redwood Wilson, sent replies demanding money to cover his ‘registrations costs’. [...] Continue reading


Dell Suing For 23 Domain Names

Dell is suing 17 companies and six individuals for cybersquatting for registering names such as and Only 15 of the domain name owners are located in the US. [...] Continue reading


BBC Suing Again For Domain Names

The owner of the domain names and was blocked from selling or transferring domain ownership until the lawsuit from the BBC is settled. The BBC is taking action against anyone using the BBC trademark in their domain names. [...] Continue reading

iGoldrush for Sale

A small software company, US Webco, had registered both the trademark and the domain name Now, after getting some hefty offers for the site name, they’ve decided to sell both in a package deal. [...] Continue reading

iGoldrush Sued for Cybersquatting

Joe Schreiber bought the domain name to set up a ‘honda fan’ website, but Honda Motor Co. wants the site and has filed a lawsuit to get it. Schreiber was told to take the site down last year and had replied that he wanted reimbursement for the hosting and registration costs. [...] Continue reading


Tiny Island Residents Want Their TLD Back

Pitcairn Island has less than 100 residents, but they’re determined to win their .pn extension back from the hands of an islander who got control of the domain when it was first assigned to the island. ICANN ruled that the control be returned to the Pitcairn Island Council. [...] Continue reading


Coca-Cola’s Fight Over Domain Name Fizzles Out

Coca-Cola had issued warnings to the domain name owner of telling him to relinquish the site. Instead of doing so, the owner removed links to Coca-Cola memorabilia sites and pictures of collections and instead turned it into a discussion board on domain name rights and domain trademark disputes. The owner will be [...] Continue reading

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