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Affilias Requests One and Two Character Domains

.Info Registry Affilias has asked ICANN to approve their plan to offer one and two character domain names. ICANN originally reserves all one and two character domains from being registered with all newer TLDs.

.biz Registry Neustar recently launched one and two character domain names for registration and Affilias plans to follow their approach. Their proposed plan allows for the release in three phases:

1. A Request for Proposal period, where anyone may submit a proposal “with specific plans for use and promotion” of a one or two character .info domain name.

2. An auction of domains not given during the Requests for Proposal period.

3. A first come, first served open registration for remaining domains.

The Registrar stated that “this equitable phased allocation program is designed to secure usage and promotion commitments resulting in increased awareness of the .INFO domain within the domain name marketplace, which will in turn enhance Afilias’ ability to compete on more even terms with TLDs that already have one- and/or two-character domains resolving on the Internet.”

ICANN has opened a comment period about the Registry’s proposal. Comments will be considered until March 20.