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Coalition Objects to .Jobs

Earlier this month, we discussed how the .jobs TLD would be opened up to allow registrations of the TLD. Now, a newly formed group calling itself the .JOBS Charter Compliance Coalition is seeking to stop this.

The coalition has asked ICANN’s board to reconsider their recent decision to open up the TLD to non-company registrations. Big Coalition members include Monster (monster.com) and CareerBuilder (careerbuilder.com), along with other industry associations, who have a specific interest in this industry.

The group specifically argues that both members of the coalition and other people will be harmed by the expansion of the .jobs TLD to non-company related jobs domains. They go on to state that the decision should be reconsidered and that the comment summary was flawed.

Do they have a valid point or is this another example of .com companies getting scared of potential new TLDs?