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Dell Sues Typo-Squatting Affiliates

Dell has filed suits against three affiliates for profiting off typo-squatted domain names related to their brand.

The three affiliates named in the suit had registered d3ell.com, de3LL.com, d4ell.com, de4ll.com, dedll.com, derll.com and dxell.com, all of which redirected unsuspecting visitors to Dell.com through their affiliate links, which they then profited from.

Dell has taken legal action on the basis of trademark infringement as the names deliberately intend to divert people if they spell Dell’s name incorrectly. The company claims it has paid out thousands of dollars in referral fees that the affiliates weren’t entitled to. Additionally, they want the defendants to hand over the domain names, and pay legal fees and damages for their use of the names.