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Video: How to install WordPress

In this latest video episode of the iGoldrush Report, Morgan Linton shows you how to get a great looking website in a few simple clicks without needing to know servers or have any development background. Learn how to install WordPress for free and take the first step in developing your domain names into brands. Over the next 10+ minutes, you will learn how to install WordPress, navigate the dashboard, enhance your new site’s look with themes, and protect & expand your site’s features with plugins, and add articles. The entire process can happen within an hour or two without writing a single line of code!

In this video, you will learn how to:

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About Morgan: Morgan Linton [12] is a popular blogger, domain investor, developer and all around entrepreneur. Morgan brings his expertise to iGoldRush visitors in an exclusive monthly video series that focuses on developing domains into online brands in order to increase profitability.