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ICANN Puts 4 Registrars On Notice

ICANN has warned four Domain Registrars that they are now in breach of their accrediation agreement and have 15 working days to fix the breaches.

Western United Domains, Inc., Mobiline USA d.b.a. DomainBonus.com, and DropNation.com are all in breach of their agreement for failure to escrow domain name whois information as stated in the Registrar Accreditation Agreement. ICANN has given them 15 days to begin escrowing the data or all three face terminiation of their accrediation as Registrars.

Additionally, a fourth Registrar, Alantron BLTD, was warned for failing to provide public access to their whois information on their registered domain names. The Registrar has been notified twice in the past 30 days of their violation.