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The Fight for .Vegas

Like the current battle for the .eco TLD, .Vegas has sparked a fight.

DotVegas Inc. currently has an agreement with the City of Las Vegas to launch and operate their new .vegas TLD once ICANN approves the new TLDs. DotVegas had agreed to pay 75 cents per domain or 10% of gross profits to the city, with the CEO estimating a lofty 300,000 – 500,000 registrations in the first year.

Now, the owner of Vegas.com wants in on the action has offered the city more money at $1 per domain or more than the 10% of gross profits that DotVegas Inc. is currently offering.

Complications have arisen for DotVegas in that “The Strip”, which is widely considered as “Vegas” is not actually within the city limits of Las Vegas. Because of this, the Vegas.com owner is working with the county to launch the new TLD.

ICANN plans to offer exclusive privileges to the governments of cities, states, and countries for new TLDs, but that complicates matters in the .vegas case more as the official city name is Las Vegas rather than Vegas.

According to an article in the Las Vegas Sun (owned by The Greenspun Corporation, who also owns Vegas.com), the city council voted 4-3 in favor of the deal with DotVegas Inc. However, Vegas.com again upped the ante by offering $1.50 per domain.

Several council members argued against voting as they weren’t sure which deal would be more lucrative for the city. However, the Las Vegas Sun states that DotVegas officials requested that the council move quickly on their decision, stating that ICANN was going to quickly require an “expression of interest” in the TLD.

The decision between DotVegas Inc and Vegas.com is still up in the air.