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Video: Developing Domain Names Into Brands: Episode #1

In the first of a monthly series of educational videos on iGoldRush, Morgan Linton brings his expertise to iGoldRush visitors by providing the basics on how to turn a domain name into a mini site, an informational site, an online brand and eventually a flourishing and profitable business. Over the next 10+ minutes you will learn about the type of software to use, tips, tricks and what to avoid in creating your online brand.

In this video, you will learn about the three different categories of domain development:

Domain development is not about getting lucky, but rather taking the time, doing the research, and creating something truly unique that becomes well-respected within your niche.

Now that you’ve learned the basics about developing your domain names into brands, check out Episode #2: How to Install WordPress [1] for tips on how to start developing your domains!

About Morgan: Morgan Linton [2] is a popular blogger, domain investor, developer and all around entrepreneur. Morgan brings his expertise to iGoldRush visitors in an exclusive monthly video series that focuses on developing domains into online brands in order to increase profitability.