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Video: Selecting a Domain to Develop Into a Brand

Join us for the latest edition of the iGoldrush Report as Morgan Linton teaches you how to narrow down your domain portfolio to a manageable list of 10 domains, then select the one single domain to develop into a brand. In the next 6+ minutes, you’ll learn the basics of analyzing your domains, how to select domains for development, and how to develop these final selections into brands. After watching this video, you should have a good start on developing the domain name that you’ve selected into a fully functioning, revenue generating website brand.


In this video, we teach you how to select the right domain to develop. If you’re like most domainers, you’ve been collecting domains over the years, registering newly expired domains, buying other domains, etc. You’ve likely got a large portfolio by this point and are not sure how to get started with developing these domains into revenue-generating brands. Rather than looking for a complete solution to develop all of your names at once, Morgan’s tips will help you focus and narrow your portfolio into one domain to develop.

That’s it! Start simple, develop one domain and develop in a niche that you really care about. If you follow these quick tips, you can narrow down your portfolio and select a domain to develop in one afternoon!

About iGoldrush Report
: Paul Goldstone [7] (iGoldrush CEO and entrepreneur) and Morgan Linton [8] (popular blogger, domain investor, developer, entrepreneur) bring their expertise to you in an exclusive monthly video series that focuses on all topics related to domain names.