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Top Five Oldest .com Domain Names

Countdown with CNET’s top five oldest .com domain names. Brian Cooley offers an interesting video look back at the first domain names registered, who registered them, and where they are today.

Fun fact: .com was originally going to be .cor for corporation, but with all the possible confusion (.core, .corps, etc), .com became what it is today.

Included in the Top Five are:

5. dec.com – September 30, 1985
4. mcc.com – July 11, 1985
3. think.com – May 24, 1985
2. bbn.com – April 24, 1985
1. symbolics.com – March 15, 1985

Notice that the registrations are month apart? As CNET points out, things moved slower back then.

Interestingly, Microsoft.com was not in the top 100, but apple.com was, landing in at #64.