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The iGoldrush tag pages feature articles and content that have been tagged with ".eu". These tags are designed to help you quickly find the information that you're looking for throughout iGoldrush.
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.Asia Available Next Month

Posted on 02/22/2008 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

Next month, the new .asia TLD will be available, though speculators say that most registrations will be from those buying in hopes of making a quick buck and those registering to protect their current sites and trademarks. The interest in .asia is said to be weaker than the interest in …
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New .EU Has 2.5 Million Registrations

Posted on 05/11/2007 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

According to the European Union, more than 2.5 million people have registered new .eu domain names since the TLD was launched last year. The TLD can be used by any individual or business that is based in the European Union.…
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Reseller Responds to .Eu Domain Hoarding

Posted on 09/09/2006 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

One of the resellers accused of hoarding (also called warehousing) .eu domain names is denying the accusations that they’ve done anything wrong. Stephen Wilde, of the UK based company, said it was an “idealistic approach” to suggest that stockpiling names for resale was unethical. Because Wilde’s company registered them through …
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Domain Registrars Accused of Hoarding .EU Domains

Posted on 07/25/2006 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

EURid, the organization in charge of the .eu TLD, suspended more than 74,000 domain names after bringing a lawsuit against 400 different US Domain Registrars for what it says was a breach of contract. The suspended domains were all registered for three U.K. based companies, but according to EURid, the …
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.EU Available for Registration

Posted on 04/07/2006 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

The new .eu TLD is now open to all individuals and companies within the European Union on a first-come, first serve basis. The TLD is available for purchase through 1,000 accredited Registrars.…
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EURid Taking .EU Applications

Posted on 02/08/2006 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

EURid is now offering .eu domain names. This week, applicants rushed to apply for the new names, with the most popular being for The new TLDs are for individuals and companies within the European Union, but are not designed to take the place of European country ccTLDs.…
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ICANN Approves .EU

Posted on 03/24/2005 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

ICANN has approved the .eu extension, authorizing Vint Cerf, the organization’s President, to sign the agreement with EURid. ICANN and EURid negotiated for 6 months, finally coming to an agreement and finalizing the .eu address policies.…
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Un-accredited Registrar Offers .EU Domain

Posted on 12/05/2003 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has requested that that a Cambridge-based company immediately stop sending out emails that imply that they are an authorized seller of .eu domains. The .EU Registry Services, administrators of the .eu domain, have yet accredited any registrars to sell the TLD.…
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European Commission Plans for .eu Domain

Posted on 10/29/2002 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

The European Commission has set a timetable for the .eu domain, hoping to find a non-profit organization to run the new top-level domain (TLD) by December. The commission is currently accepting applications.…
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New .EU TLD Expected Next Year

Posted on 07/02/2001 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

The European Council and the European Parliament are expected to release a report on the upcoming .eu TLD soon. The new extension is set to go live early next year.…
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