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23 votes, average: 2.26 out of 523 votes, average: 2.26 out of 523 votes, average: 2.26 out of 523 votes, average: 2.26 out of 523 votes, average: 2.26 out of 5 (23 votes, average: 2.26 out of 5)
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Sedo Review

6 User Comments/Reviews  Facebook Twitter

Sedo, one of the largest domain companies on the Internet, provides a large variety of domain services, with two of their most popular being their domain listing and sales services and their domain parking services. In addition, they offer registrations, brokerage services, domain valuations, portfolio management, and much more.

Sedo is an acronym for Search Engine for Domain Offers and is headquartered in Cambridge Massachusetts. In addition to the main website, they also have regional versions of their site in the UK, France, Germany and Spain.

Sedo is by far the largest domain listing service on the Internet, with more than 800,000 users, marketing more than 14 million domain names on their site. While many names are listed for sale at a straight fee, there are also names listed for sale by negotiation and those for sale through Sedos premium auctions.

If you’re interested in selling a domain name, its free to setup an account and list your name, but Sedo takes a percentage on all completed sales. If you’re interested in buying a domain, browse through their enormous database or check out their advanced search features, which help you quickly match your needs to their current sales list.

Sedo provides excellent customer service with quick response times and resolutions. While the database sometimes displays names no longer for sale, Sedo monitors the list and updates when needed or notified.

For those that fit the requirements, they also provide a service known as Sedo Pro which caters to the more active and higher valued domain portfolio owners.

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6 Responses to Sedo

  1. If you use SEDO, you need to know their process BEFORE you begin. The company appears very good but their customer service and response to customer questions is VERY POOR. Messages sent requesting clarification are not read and replies consist of restating the vague instructions provided initially. My domains are held by a registrar that is a reseller of domains for ENOM. SEDO could not understand that I did not have an ENOM account and was therefore unable to transfer a sold domain from my ENOM to their ENOM. The options provided by the reseller holding my domain did not provide the process SEDO required. SEDO made no attempt to understand.

    SEDO offices and operations are closed from 5:00pm EST on Friday until early hours Monday. Nothing moves on the weekend at SEDO.

    I was required to submit a support ticked with my registrar and they were willing to execute the transfer through their ENOM account. Since they resell ENOM they had that option. Thankfully SuperbRegistrar customer service is the very best and cares first for their customers.

    I find very interesting the discrepancy between iGoldrush rating of SEDO and the ratings by users that have submitted their vote on iGoldrush. That should tell users something.

  2. I had 39 domains listed for sale on Sedo and just deleted them all. I received no reply to my ticket about the problem of changing the categories and having the categories change back as though I had done nothing. All the time and work wasted and lost due to the dysfunction. Several hours after liev chat failed to resolve it and my ticket not being replied to at all, I am through with Sedo and looking for another place to list, sell, and park.

  3. I engaged Sedo to try and buy a domain name for me. All they ever say is they tried emailing the owner but haven’t had a response. They told me email was the only form of communication available with the owner, but whois clearly lists a working phone number. The owner has about a hundred domains, so they’re unlikely to be evading the broker. I feel like I’ve been conned by Sedo. I’m not concerned about the engagement fee I paid them. The time wasted is far more valuable.

  4. I started to listing my domain name just few days before. I realize sedo have few negative point,Such as reply to email. So try to find review about this company. I believed all comments here is true and agreed with them.

  5. Sedo LLC does not have implemented any real method to provide relevant information about the domains listed in their website. This is the second time I tried to buy a domain in with no success. First I paid the listing price for “” and I received a noticed about a week later that the domain was not available. The second one “”, its status has been in “transfer in progress” for more than 15 days now. The transfer agent doesn’t bother to answer my questions in the transfer center. The guys on the chat said they can do nothing about it. Unbelievable!!!
    I tried to contact the seller directly and I found that the information registration belongs to another company that has no intention to sell the domain.
    So my experience with Sedo LLC is:
    – do not care about the accuracy of the listing they have on their website. Sellers sell or loose their domains and the information is not updated in their website.
    – Buyers have a good chance to end up paying for a domain they will never own. So it is like lending money to Sedo LLC with no interest until you got a refund, which can take several weeks between the date they charge you and the date you get your money back.

  6. Do not ever deal with this ripoff company. Anyone with a piece of mind should never ever get close to this company, they do not hold control over the domains they have and will not provide any penalty when failing to fulfill their obligations after full payment. They will hold your money illegally and will not respond to emails for days and do not have proper coordination. You will receive emails from one confirming your refund has been processed and then 6 days after inquiring they will again confirm refund should be received by the 6th day and on Day 7 they will admit this was never even done.

    Going to their live chat there is this guy called “Sultan” who promised to be heard back from within the next day but upon 2 inquiries first being regarding a domain purchase and second being about the refund, I never heard from him.

    There are plenty of other providers you can use for your convenience which will provide smoother, guaranteed delivery of products.

    Please never ever get near to these people and NEVER ever provide your credit card information on their website. If you really have to try out these rippers, use Paypal for your ultimate protection.

    Mark my words, you will be screaming for them later

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