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iGoldrush was launched in 1996 when there was no domain ‘industry’ to speak of, and the Internet was still in its infancy.

At the time there were an estimated 500,000 domain names registered, and most people didn’t even know what a domain name was. In comparison, nowadays, the same number of domains are registered every few days. There was very little information available that could help someone understand what a domain name was, how to register one, or even what purpose it served, and those were some of the questions that iGoldrush set out to answer.

The founder of iGoldrush was Edwin Hayward, an early pioneer and still a well respected participant in the domain industry. The site provided a complete overview of the industry and how domains work, posted new and archived domain news, provided a showcase for users to buy and sell domains, and explained how to make money from domain names. iGoldrush became an instant hit, being quoted on thousands of websites, cited in dozens of printed news articles, and known to this day by many long-time domainers as their first introduction to the industry.

In 2000, Paul Goldstone (online entrepreneur, domainer, registrar, and good friends with Hayward) took the reins and became the new owner and manager of the site. At that time iGoldrush was re-launched with a new look, updated news and articles, and new information to meet the ever changing domain industry. Over the course of the next 8-9 years the website underwent minor updates, and although still cited as a great resource for domainers, was in dire need of a complete overhaul to get up to date with the industry.

iGoldrush was re-developed by a group of individuals with over 35 years of combined experience in the domain industry, led by Paul Goldstone. Among other updates, the design was given a full facelift. The domain guide was completely re-written, top company reviews and useful domain resources were added and updated and a discussion forum was implemented. The website was officially re-launched back to its former glory in April 2010 at which point iGoldrush also welcomed Victor Pitts to the team.

Today, iGoldrush is known as the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of domain name information, industry news, legal matters, resources, and a meeting place for both newbies and experts alike.

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