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iGoldRush Blog   January 2012

Video: How to use WordPress

January 26, 2012 in News

In the latest edition of the iGoldrush Report, Morgan Linton shows you how to effectively use wordpress, one of the best platforms out there for developing your domains into brands. In previous episodes, you learned the basics of how to install and setup wordpress on your domain. Over the next 6+ minutes, you’ll learn what to do behind the scenes once that installation is complete. Morgan walks you through tweaks to make for search engine optimization (SEO), creating your first post, editing your pages, inserting images, adding widgets & plugins, and editing your site settings.

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Create your first post – To create your first post, look for the ‘Posts’ header in the left-side menu. Under that header, you will find ‘Add New’. Click this to create a new post. WordPress is great because you do not need any knowledge of html to create your site or write new posts. Once you are in the post editor, simply keep the tab on ‘Visual’ and you’ll get a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) post every time. It’s a really simple interface to use and you have lots of styling options.
  • Add images to your posts – To do this, you need to locate the ‘Upload Insert’ icon above your post editor. Once you’ve clicked this, you’ll have the option to upload pictures from your hard drive. After you’ve uploaded, you simply ‘insert into post’ and you’re done!
  • Add links to your site – On the left-side menu, you’ll notice a ‘Links’ header. This is where you’ll add links to other blogs, other sites in your niche, news sources, etc.
  • Add widgets – Widgets are a great way to customize your new site. To add a new widget, go to ‘Appearance’ on the left-side menu and then select widgets. To actually add the widget to your site, you simply drag & drop it to the right side. It really is that easy! Plus, it updates your website in real-time as you do this. If you’re looking to add affiliate code or AdSense code to your website, you should select the ‘Text’ widget and drag it to the right-side. Once there, you’ll have a blank box to add your code. That’s it!
  • Add plugins – To add a new plugin to your site, go to ‘Plugins’ on the left-side menu and select ‘Add New’. Here you can easily search for plugins and install them directly within the wordpress control panel. If you search for a plugin, All-in-one-SEO pack for example, you can easily install it right there as well. If you’d like to install plugins that you’ve downloaded, simply go to ‘upload’ once in this area. Depending on where your theme is from, you have may have more customizable features in here than others.
  • Change your permalink settings – This is perhaps one of the biggest changes you can make to improve your new site’s SEO (search engine optimization). On the left-side menu, go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Permalinks’. Once here, you want to change your links from the default ( to Post Name ( This will now force wordpress to use your actual post name (and keywords) within your url.

You’re now armed with all the information you need to begin setting up your new website, writing your first post, and building your domain into a brand.

We hope that you enjoyed this episode of The iGoldrush Report! Be sure to visit The iGoldrush Report YouTube Channel and click SUBSCRIBE to be notified of future videos and comment below with any questions you may have!. If you’ve missed an episode of the iGoldrush Report, catch up here!

About Morgan: Morgan Linton is a popular blogger, domain investor, developer and all around entrepreneur. Morgan brings his expertise to iGoldRush visitors in an exclusive monthly video series that focuses on developing domains into online brands in order to increase profitability.

3 Responses to Video: How to use WordPress

  1. Great tutorial guys.

  2. Real domaining essentials!

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