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8 votes, average: 3.13 out of 58 votes, average: 3.13 out of 58 votes, average: 3.13 out of 58 votes, average: 3.13 out of 58 votes, average: 3.13 out of 5 (8 votes, average: 3.13 out of 5)
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Afternic Review

12 User Comments/Reviews

Afternic is an auction house, listing service, and parking service all wrapped up into one. AfternicDLS Expanded Promotion (their extended selling service that includes a sales representative and additional listing with Afternic partners) currently costs $20 for an annual membership, plus 20% of each sale.

The company claims on their homepage to list over 3 million ‘premium’ domain names and to have sold 3 times as many domain names as their nearest competitor – we have not verified this.

Afternic focuses on end user sales as opposed to the domainer-to-domainer sales that are most frequent on other auction and listing sites. According to Afternic, their highest recorded sale so far is, which sold for $500,000 in July 2007.

Afternic is a massive player in the domain industry with lots of sales to show for it.


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12 Responses to Afternic

  1. The process is to cumbersome and the emails always asking someone to lower prices has not been a great experience for me. I prefer to use a simple process and price the name at a fair price.

  2. Never ever use their services. I paid them 59 USD for brokerage services, and the broker agent Erica never updated me of anything, and one fine day, I find that my binding is closed by them, even after I raised my Price to secure the domain name I wanted. Enclosed is the conversation with them.

    hey what’s this ?

    I paid 59 USD just for the appraisal, when I get the same done for less than 9 USD at Godaddy. Sedo doesn’t even charges before the negotiation starts, and you have charged 59 USD, and not even refunding it, and you are closing the offer ?

    Are you even a professional company, or just money monkers.

    I demand immediate refund of money. What’s this a joke or something.

    When I asked sedo to do the brokerage for, this is what they have written:

    Dear Anand,

    Thank you for your application for brokerage service of the domain Unfortunately, the owner has protected his name through a whois identity shield. In this instance, the only one way that exists to attempt to get in contact with him is through the website, where you may fill out a form that will be sent to the owner.

    We would be happy to proceed with your order and attempt to negotiate a fair price, however please note that this shield often results in no response, and so if you would like us to decline the order and the $69 charge, please let us know.

    Kind Regards,

    Negar Hajikhani

    Sales Coordinator – North America :: 161 First Street :: Cambridge, MA 02142

    tel 617-499-7245 :: fax 617-499-7203 ::

    I demand an immediate refund of my money paid to you guys, or I will initiate legal action, and update my technical fraternity as well about the way you people work and make money out of people.

    On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 3:54 AM, Afternic wrote:

    Your expired offer for
    Hi Anand,

    Your offer of $1,500.00 USD for has expired and is no longer binding.

    If you are still interested in purchasing, you can place a new offer here:

    If you are unsure of the value of, you can purchase a domain appraisal. A seller may be persuaded to reduce the price if it can be shown that it is above market value. You can order a domain appraisal here:

    Thank you for using Afternic,
    The Afternic Team

    Please note, our numbers have changed:
    P: 866.351.9586 or 781.839.7990

    On Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 5:19 PM, Erica Campbell wrote:
    I will let you know when I hear back from the owner. Please feel free to check in with me at anytime at 781-839-7933. Thank you for using Afternic.


    —–Original Message—–
    From: Anand Mishra
    To: Erica Campbell
    Sent: Fri Oct 08 07:06:20 2010
    Subject: Re: Appraisal for domain

    I have increased the offer. What next ? Updates…

    On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 11:31 PM, wrote:

    <> Here is your appraisal request
    We have just finished your custom Appraisal and DNI Score Ranking for See attached. Smart move!

    If you’re curious, here’s how we came up with that number:
    Our expert appraisal service is backed by one of the largest archives of available and sold domain name data in the industry. Each domain submitted is individually reviewed, benchmarked, and priced using our proprietary database of comparable sales, compiled over 9 years of domain name valuations.

    I think that I have spend some money on getting you negotiating the deal for me. I have increased the offer to the maximum level as you had suggested, but still there’s no response from your side.

    I think that I am entitled for that or my 59$ for just an appraisal report, which godaddy gives for just 9 USD ?
    – Hide quoted text –

    On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 8:40 PM, Anand Mishra wrote:

    updates ?

    On Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 5:19 PM, Erica Campbell wrote:

    I will let you know when I hear back from the owner. Please feel free to check in with me at anytime at 781-839-7933. Thank you for using Afternic.


  3. I totally agree!! DO NOT USE them!! They’ll pretty much just take your money, tell you the offer has expired, and then when you complain, they’ll tell you the owner just rejected your offer. Wow, I need to get in this business. What a SCAM!

  4. I am using afternic for 3 of my many domains,, and I find that the parking page is very nice, but I have not used them for long. When I have had an issue like a 403 server error, I was able to resolve it by leaving a phone message and getting a callback. The phone support seems not to be a large operation, but the personnel are very helpful.

  5. I have used afternic for a while now and they have always done right by me.

    They are professionals and dont play games.
    For parking they are easily the best, and
    their brokerage services are pretty good
    too, although possibly a bit pricey.

    Its like anything else though if you want
    the best you have to be willing to pay for

    Btw reguarding the comment above about Go
    Daddy’s appraisal service, I would never
    buy or sell a domain before getting more
    than one appraisal, even if you are just
    using evaluate or estibot both which are
    free and pretty accurate.

    Best of luck. enjoy your site.

  6. Jesper Schwalbe
    09/05/2013 at 16:58

    I can not recommend doing bussiness with them. I have never had so much trouble “shopping” over the Internet. For no reason of all they rejected to accept my credit Card and wanted me to do a wired payment instead with xtra cost, that I had to pay for. My advice would is to use some one else, if you want to buy a domain.

  7. I have never had so much trouble with simply listing domains for sale. Randomly, without warning NOR notification, a domain or four will suddenly be thrown into ‘pending review’ — even though it was approved already. This could be the case for weeks before you notice it and there goes potential sales.

    Amazing how this is not rocket science yet they cant seem to master storing data in a database and not changing it!!!

  8. teresa novak
    07/06/2014 at 19:03

    I have 10 domains listed with these guys and although I have not received any offers I cannot complain about their service. One thing about Godaddy. Do not look for domain names by typing them in on their site. When I did, the ones that were not taken were suddenly registered with them a few days later. They steal your names

    • I had the EXACT SAME ISSUE with Go Daddy!! I searched for a name that I didn’t immediately buy. The next day I went back to purchase it, and it was “unavailable” and listed in their auction! I’d NEVER use them again. DON’T SEARCH GO DADDY FOR DOMAIN NAMES!

  9. Ben Harrison
    07/28/2014 at 13:36

    I would even be careful about using their website! I searched on a particular domain name, the search resulted in a big banner ad popping up that said “BUY” You would assume that would be more info on a different domain that was available – I clicked on it and now they’re telling me that constituted a “legally binding” commitment to purchase the domain for $600.

    I also found out that Afternic was actually purchased by in 2013.

  10. I am from Bangladesh. I have parked a domain with my parked revenue is $28+ How can I Withdrew my parked revenue via paypal?

  11. I had Erica as my contact from afternic too. Hardly any response, no follow-ups, lied about getting back to me several times and I always had to reach out and ask her what the status was. To this day still nothing.

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