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Back to News & Articles Gets Mined in August 8 .CA TBR Drop It was a fairly slow summer week in the .CA TBR world with only 93 domains taken in today's drop.  I think some of the best domains available were a few of the and two word terms.  I didn't see anything that I thought was super special.  Sometimes in the summer you [...] Continue reading Today’s Special in August 1 .CA TBR Drop There were a total of 99 .ca domain names taken in today's TBR drop.  In a typical mid-summer drop for .ca, there wasn't anything too exciting on the list.  Some short domains, some one and two worders, but no stand outs in my opinion. Some of the top names that were taken [...] Continue reading and Lead this Weeks .CA TBR Drop There were a total of 111 .ca domains taken in today's TBR drop.  I have to say it wasn't a very exciting drop in terms of flashy names.  About as exciting as it got were some, one, and some average one or two word terms. Special mention for recognition should [...] Continue reading and Top Today’s .CA TBR Drop Summer is here and it's hot in Western Canada.  No rain in the forecast until the end of July, watering restrictions are on, and everyone is becoming wary of forest fires.  At least the fire activity is less this year than at the same time last year.  It was a lot cooler in [...] Continue reading Called Out in Large Feb 14 .CA TBR Drop The .ca TBR domain drop on February 14 was a large one in terms of the numbers of domains taken.  A total of 221 .ca domains were plucked off the drop list, about twice the size of recent weekly drops. Since I last posted there has been only one reported .ca domain [...] Continue reading

It’s All Over Again in February 7 .CA TBR Drop I'm almost caught up with the most recent TBR drop results.  Today's post has the list of .ca domains that were caught last week on February 7th.  A total of 93 .ca domains were taken in this drop. was in this drop, and when I hear that term it always reminds [...] Continue reading Not Feeling Blue in Jan 24 .CA TBR Drop A total of 107 .ca domain names were taken in the January 24 .ca TBR.  This was a higher number of domains than the number taken in the previous week, and I thought this week's quality was also better. Like everywhere else, crypto and coin are popular terms in .ca and many [...] Continue reading

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