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Registration Conflict Goes to Court

Australian commercial internet addresses are being fought over in a US Federal court. Proponents hope to introduce more competition to the registration process. [...] Continue reading


Network Solutions Registers 1 Million Domains

Today, Network Solutions announced that they had registered 1 million domain names, 88% of which were .com domains. But, according to InterNIC’s records, Network Solutions has collected only about half the fees for these domain names. Competing registry companies see this as fuel as they continue their campaign to end Network Solutions control over [...] Continue reading


Network Solutions Announces 1 Millionth Registration, Though Half Unpaid

Network Solutions today announced the registration of their 1 millionth domain name, with approximately 88% of those domain registrations being “.com’s”. According to InterNIC though, only about half of the domain registrations have actually paid the domain registration fees. [...] Continue reading


Network Solutions Partners with VeriSign

Today Network Solutions and VeriSign announced a partnership whereby Network Solutions will sell digital id’s to customers registering domain names. A digital ID is a certificate given to a company to ‘vouch’ for them when customers are completing Internet transactions. [...] Continue reading


The Internet Gold Rush In Full Swing

Trademark Lawyers are calling the latest wave of ‘name scalpers’ extortionists, as the number of trademarked domain names increases. Squatting on the names, and holding them ransom for hundreds of thousands of dollars, electronic brokers are holding their ground, claiming the first-come / first-serve rule applies. But in 1996, Congress passed the Trademark [...] Continue reading


Network Solutions Readying for Competition

Meta Title: iGoldrush - News Archive - Network Solutions Readying for Competition Meta Description: Network solutions readying for competition as they lose their monopoly on domain name registration. Meta Keywords: network solutions, monopoly, domain name, domain name registration The monopoly on domain registration (held by Network Solutions because of the supervision rights granted to them [...] Continue reading


Unverified Domains Try to Take Market

A group calling themselves the ‘Enhanced Domain Naming Service Consortium’ (eDNS) proposes to supersede the established domain name system run by Network Solutions. Their plans hinge on sympathetic ISP’s who would agree to point their servers towards eDNS’s data servers instead of the government controlled root-servers. [...] Continue reading

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