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Agreement from Current Domain Monopolists Reached

The IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) and Network Solutions have agreed to a number of bylaws and articles that would introduce competition into the domain name system and incorporate the entities. [...] Continue reading


13 Huge Companies Beg for Money to Overtake Internet

13 Leading companies in the IT, telecommunications, and computer industries are hoping for a non-profit organization to take over the domain name system (currently monopolized by Network Solutions). The big names, IBM, Netscape, and MCI are asking for donations to fund their non-profit governing body. [...] Continue reading


Ascension Island Sells .ac Name

Ascension Island has started peddling its top-level domain name, .ac, through the UK firm, Internet Computer Bureau. [...] Continue reading


Study Reveals Deficient Online Trademark Understanding

Syracuse University released a study revealing a power struggle that has been largely dominated by the larger corporations comprised of legal bullying and unjustly ‘taking’ domain names of smaller companies that have been operating under the same business name for years. The study separated types of lawsuits into categories ranging from cybersquatting, to trademark [...] Continue reading


Revised US Domain Plans Released

The Clinton administration has finally released their final revision on the plans to unleash competition in the domain name system. The most notable changes from their original release is that the proposal for five new top-level domains (TLDs) will be decided on by a 15 member board (of a non-profit organization), which would manage [...] Continue reading


Working Women Domain Battle

Lisa Kohl received a letter from MacDonald Communications Corp., publisher of Working Women, asking her to give up the domain name Kohl has been running the site for 2 years and has no intention of giving it up. Macdonald promises to take legal action. [...] Continue reading


Circus Wins in Domain Battle

The Ringling Brothers Circus obtained the site from PETA, who had been using the name as a site that promoted their cause and protested the circus’ use of animals. [...] Continue reading

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