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iGoldrush is your source for the most current domain industry news and information. Read the most current domain news below, then visit our news archive for domain news from years past. In addition to domain name news, you’ll find domain articles, information, and interviews with top industry insiders.

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Toys R Us Demonstration Site

The domain now hosts a complaint from one of its former customers. Software developer Richard Warr put the site up to demonstrate his local store’s mistreatment of senior citizens. The site contains only two links - one to his email address and one to the actual ToysRUs home page. [...] Continue reading

iGoldrush Court Battle Favors Small Business

Volkswagen had filed complaints against Virtual Woks, the Virigina based owners of the domain Volkswagen demanded the company stop using their trademark. The small company filed a lawsuit, and won the right to use “vw” in their domain name. [...] Continue reading


BBC Locked In Another Domain Battle

The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) sent letters to Big Blue and Cousins, demanding they turn over the domain name The small Canadian company has been using the domain since 1995 to help educate the elderly about computers. Big Blue spokesperson gave no response to BBC or to media, saying that they were [...] Continue reading


Korea Claiming Domain Real Estate Value

The Bank of Korea now considers domain names to be collateral and they are lending money based on 30% of the estimated value of the domain name. [...] Continue reading


Domain Bill Tries for Another Pass

The House recently passed a bill (one that Clinton promised to veto if it reached his desk) to fine domain name cybersquatters up to $100,000. The bill is attached to a satellite television bill, in hopes that it would pass under the radar. The Clinton administration has said that it hoped the cybersquatting [...] Continue reading


Microsoft Settles Domain Question Without Dispute

Microsoft had been considering the name “Windows 2000” for its upgrade from Windows NT for some time, but the trademark and domain name was held by Bob Kerstein, who used the identity in his scripophily business. Windows paid Kerstein an undisclosed amount for the site and trademark, along with the domain name, [...] Continue reading


Third Attempt From House to Pass Cybersquatting Bill

This time, the US House of Representative is trying to pass their cybersquatting bill (which proposes a penalty for cybersquatting violators of up to $100,000) under the blanket of a budget bill. The bill is heavily backed by large corporations and the entertainment industry, who claim that people are holding their rightful domain names [...] Continue reading

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