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Network Solutions Found Innocent in Dispute

Gary Kremen claims he’s the rightful owner of the multi-million dollar domain, He says that Stephen Cohen hijacked the domain in an identity spoof and tried suing both Cohen and Network Solutions for the faulty transfer. A Judge issued a free pass for Network Solutions (which Kremen vows to appeal), but his [...] Continue reading

iGoldrush Bought For $200 Grand

The .org domains got a boost of confidence when the price paid for, $198,895, made it to the ‘top 25 prices ever paid for a domain name’ list. [...] Continue reading


Verizon Wireless In ‘ReallySucks’ Domain Battle

Verizon Wireless lawyers registered the domain name to keep company critics from launching an anti-campaign, but they were surprised to find out that the publisher of 2006 had registered the name Verizon issued legal warnings to the site owner, who claims he just wanted to occasionally poke fun at the large company. [...] Continue reading

iGoldrush – A Heated Sale

Even though there’s no content on the site, the url pulls in over 100,000 unique visitors a month. However, the domain name is now up for sale in what promises to be a heated auction. The name broker thinks they’ll get at least $8 million for the name. [...] Continue reading


Serbian ‘Hack Attack’ Is Really Just Email Spoof

While some report the number of domains hijacked in a Serbian 'eTerrorist' attack to be in the high 2000's, Network Solutions says "No." The company maintains that very few websites were affected, and that their servers were not hacked. The hijacking was an age-old email spoof job, which is completely avoidable by every [...] Continue reading

iGoldrush – The Question is Still Unanswered

The site was hijacked from the rightful owner, Solid Oak Software, when someone from Serbia called Network Solutions pretending to be the account administrator and giving the whois data false information. Solid Oak is still waiting for Network Solutions to correct the error. [...] Continue reading


Man Denies Cybersquatting After Registering 130 Famous Names

Mark Hogarth spent a great deal of cash registering the names of famous authors, but he claims his intention was to send the traffic (via affiliate links) to popular book sites like He says that he now realizes that he may have made a mistake by offering to sell some of the names [...] Continue reading

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