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iGoldrush is your source for the most current domain industry news and information. Read the most current domain news below, then visit our news archive for domain news from years past. In addition to domain name news, you’ll find domain articles, information, and interviews with top industry insiders.

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Trademark Owners Register .Info

For the next 30 days, trademark owners can register the .info domain for their trademark. Afilias Limited, the .info Registry, is currently in the sunrise period for the .info name, which allows companies to register their domains early, curbing cybersquatting in the future. [...] Continue reading


U.S. Hands Over .Us Domain

Despite opposition, the U.S. Commerce Department is handing over the management of the ccTLD to a for-profit corporation, which will translate into hundreds of millions of dollars in registration fees. Critics are particularly upset because American taxpayers provided the initial funding for .us management and the corporation taking over will pay nothing. [...] Continue reading


Registrars Respond to Domain Slamming Charges

Registrars respond to VeriSign’s charges of Domain Slamming, the process of getting domain owner’s to switch from one Registrar to another without the customer knowing. ISPs and Domain Registrars alike are lobbying ICANN to put an end to VeriSign’s anti-slamming rules, which many charge that they abuse, leaving customers in a lurch. [...] Continue reading


IETF Works Towards Internationalized Domain Names

International Internet users want domain names in their native languages, but the lack of standards make widespread usage of these internationalized domain names (IDN’s) difficult. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is the group in charge of figuring out how internationalized domain names will work across the Internet’s current structure. The group is working on [...] Continue reading


New .EU TLD Expected Next Year

The European Council and the European Parliament are expected to release a report on the upcoming .eu TLD soon. The new extension is set to go live early next year. [...] Continue reading


New TLDs Expected to Ease Domain Congestion

With the Internet population increasing and domain name congestion becoming more of a problem, new TLDs are planned to ease the growing pains. [...] Continue reading

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