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ICANN Receives Applications for New TLDs

Ten organizations have submitted proposals to ICANN for the right to sell potential new TLDs. ICANN has not approved any new TLDs since 2000, but has several proposals including .cat, .mobi, .asia, .tel, and .post. ICANN is in the process of considering the new top-level domains, though there is no timetable. [...] Continue reading


ICANN Approves VeriSign Wait Listing Service

ICANN has approved VeriSign’s new domain wait list service, allowing the Registrar a 12-month trial. The new Wait List Service allows users to pay to be put on a wait list for expiring domain names. [...] Continue reading


GoDaddy Pays ICANN Legal Fees in Battle Against VeriSign

Domain Registrar GoDaddy has offered to pay up to $100,000 of ICANN’s legal fees in it’s lawsuit brought by VeriSign. In the lawsuit, VeriSign alleges that ICANN’s blocking of their new SiteFinder service is a breach of contract. VeriSign’s recent additions of the SiteFinder and Wait list services have angered competitors who believe the company [...] Continue reading


VeriSign Files Lawsuit Against ICANN Over SiteFinder

VeriSign has filed a lawsuit against ICANN for banning its new SiteFinder service. The suit specifically alleges “breach of contract and antitrust violations”. ICANN ordered VeriSign to take down the service after Network administrators said it was disruptive. VeriSign claims that there is no evidence that SiteFinder is a threat to the stability or security [...] Continue reading


Washington Post Loses Name After Failing to Pay Fees

The Washington Post Co. failed to pay their annual domain renewal fees, a mistake that caused the name to lapse and disrupt email to staff members. [...] Continue reading


Network Solutions Blocks Google Whois Search

Network Solutions recently blocked Google queries of its public whois database. The problem arose when Google launched a new service allowing visitors to perform whois searches, which is a look up of a domain name owners information. The service ended up receiving so many searches that it surpassed Network Solutions daily whois limits. After Network [...] Continue reading


NSI and Sued Over URL Patent

Domain Registrars Network Solutions and are being sued by two Internet entrepreneurs for infringing on a URL patent. The suit alleges that the Registrars are infringing on a patent they received on December 30, 2003 by selling URL’s and email addresses. The patent refers to the method that a URL and email address is [...] Continue reading

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