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iGoldrush is your source for the most current domain industry news and information. Read the most current domain news below, then visit our news archive for domain news from years past. In addition to domain name news, you’ll find domain articles, information, and interviews with top industry insiders.

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ICANN Approves .Asia

ICANN has approved the new .asia domain to be overseen by the DotAsia Organization. .Asia will be a supplement to the various Asian national ccTLDs, including .cn (China) and .jp (Japan). DotAsia is the first gTLD (generic TLD) Domain Registry to have their headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region. [...] Continue reading


U.N. Debate Goes on Over U.S. Internet Control

While technically the U.S. Government could delete the domains of other nations, they have never exercised that right. This unusual control that U.S. Government has is the subject of a debate at the United Nations. The White House Administration published principles that stated that “national governments have legitimate sovereignty concerns, but adding that the U.S. [...] Continue reading

iGoldrush Auctions for $2-$10 Million

Domain auctioneer is holding a live domain auction with premium domain names and .mobi mobile domains. is valued at $2-$10 million. [...] Continue reading


ICANN Says They Can’t Delete Names

A federal judge has ordered ICANN to delete a spam group’s domain name, ICANN claims that they can’t comply with the courts orders as they do not have the ability to delete names. Instead, the group says that this can only be done by the Registrars. [...] Continue reading


Analysts Question .Mobi

Analysts are questioning the .mobi domain extension, which went live this past week, as they claim the new extension is not the key to getting Internet users onto the mobile Internet. The TLD was planned to help users easily find mobile websites, but analysts claim the whole TLD launch was simply a PR spin as [...] Continue reading


Reseller Responds to .Eu Domain Hoarding

One of the resellers accused of hoarding (also called warehousing) .eu domain names is denying the accusations that they’ve done anything wrong. Stephen Wilde, of the UK based company, said it was an “idealistic approach” to suggest that stockpiling names for resale was unethical. Because Wilde’s company registered them through a Canadian third party, he [...] Continue reading


Cameroon Registry Accused of Typo-Squatting

The Cameroon Registry for the .cm ccTLD is being accused of typo-squatting. The registry is redirecting all accidental .cm traffic to advertising pages instead of returning an error to users. As a result, if an internet user misspells .com as .cm, a common error, they are now redirected to the .cm advertising page instead of [...] Continue reading

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