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iGoldrush is your source for the most current domain industry news and information. Read the most current domain news below, then visit our news archive for domain news from years past. In addition to domain name news, you’ll find domain articles, information, and interviews with top industry insiders.

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Slick Domains

Screwed by Google? Join Google PageRank Victims Anonymous!

Despite being hit by the Google nerf bat, my search engine traffic seems to have gone up! Go figure…… Anyway, if you are one of the many bloggers that is disgruntled with Google, there is now a way to voice your frustrations with some new Google PageRank victims buttons. There are [...] Continue reading

Slick Domains

Happy Halloween from Kyle’s Cove!

I’m not sure if we are the only ones that celebrate it, but here in the United States today is Halloween.   When I was growing up, Halloween was actually a sweet holiday where young people run around from house to house and collect candy, while older kids get to dress up and either go to [...] Continue reading

Slick Domains

What is the Future of Paid Linking?

Wow, this has been quite a week around the blogosphere, with an unusually large focus on Google and their PageRank algorithm adjustment. Over this past week, a lot of bloggers have been focusing on how PageRank effects bloggers, but I haven’t really seen any talk about how this change will effect paid linking [...] Continue reading


Whois May Disappear

ICANN is considering a proposal that would get rid of the public whois database because of privacy concerns, specifically in the Canadian and European privacy laws. Trademark holders, copyright holders, and lobbyists are opposing a move to a private whois as they argue a public whois is necessary for to track infringement cases and cybersquatters. [...] Continue reading

Slick Domains

Google Comments On Upcoming GMail Changes

Despite Google currently residing on my short list, I was still excited to see some talk about the upcoming upgrade of Gmail. According to Google Operating System, it looks like Google did announce a few things, including a significant increase in the speed of Gmail thanks to prefetching messages. When you load a page [...] Continue reading

Slick Domains

Sync Your Gmail and Thunderbird with IMAP

Today I ran across a great post over at Lifehacker titled Turn Thunderbird Into the Ultimate GMail IMAP Client that I thought deserved to be featured here. This proves that in between the Lifehacker fluff posts and spam are occasionally some useful posts. Anyway, with the recent addition of IMAP [...] Continue reading

Slick Domains

Top 10 Greasemonkey Scripts for YouTube

It is truly amazing at how quickly YouTube became not just a household name, but also something that all types of people can use. This service can appeal as much to grandparents as it does to teenagers with all of the possibilities. Heck, my weekly poker group has even started to [...] Continue reading

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