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Domain Parking Money

Christmas Domain Names

Weeks ago I picked up three domains for Christmas, I spent a few hours developing one of the names (it has already paid for itself via adsense and ebay earnings) and am listing the other two for sale. I am looking for a quick flip so their priced to move [...] [...] Continue reading

Domain Parking Money

Cyber Monday – Still Plenty Of Opportunity For Domainers

Today is cyber Monday, one of the biggest online retail days of the year. Thank god for that, over the holiday weekend my traffic was down quite a bit - so was my revenue. The term got my thinking "cyber Monday" ... it is a fairly new "Internet" term and I wondered when the domain [...] Continue reading

Domain Parking Money & Domain Parking Review – Endorsement Code

Sedo is a major player in the domain business, offering premium domain sales, auctions as well as domain parking. Anyone series about domaining should have a account [...] [...] Continue reading


Google Info Domain Authenticity

A good way to check out the authenticity of a domain is to perform an info search in google (ex. As I have said before, you can easily spoof a PageRank by performing a simple redirect to a site with a high PageRank. Google’s info search will tell you if that is [...] Continue reading

Domain Parking Money

Earn More Revenue With Your Domain Parking

Making money with domain parking is about about two numbers, one is traffic. How many people you can drive to your parked domain names daily. The other part of the equation is the click through rate, just how many people click on sponsored results once you have a visitor to your page. This post gives [...] Continue reading


Typo-Squatting Sites Increasing

According to a new security report, users have a 1-in-4 chance of landing on a typo-squatting site after they type in a popular URL incorrectly. These sites are generally created to generate advertising revenue for the squatter. [...] Continue reading


Directory Submission

I have been getting a lot of questions about directory submission lately. I think the best 3 directory websites in order are,, and It seems like all you have to do to get accepted into and is just pay money. However, is a lot harder to be [...] Continue reading

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