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Quad Letter Domains

Sometimes bargains are not always a good thing…

I was sifting through some of my drafts and almost deleted this article which I’ve been meaning to complete for a while now. I decided some of the points to be made back in April are still relevant now. After I wrote ‘Still ‘biting’ for bargains!‘ I thought it would be good to look at the market [...] Continue reading


ICANN to Vote on New Naming Expansion

ICANN will vote later this week to open up the Internet naming convention by allowing more options. The proposal would allow companies to purchase domain names with their own custom domain extensions. So, instead of having to register a .com, a company could be .companyname. For instance, eBay could actually be .ebay. [...] Continue reading


Today’s UUOPD (Unusual Usage of Premium Domains) website is Mix is not just a three letter domain, it is also a word with several uses. Apparently though, the owner thinks the best use is to put a picture of a girl in a bunny suit with a couple of fire extinguishers, next to [...] Continue reading

Ms. Domainer

Alexa: The Web MIS-Information Company

In my estimation. Alexa needs to be thoroughly spanked.At the very least, this company needs to offer an easier platform so that information can be updated easier, keeping in mind that1. Not every website owner has activated the feature. For, my registrar charges extra for domain-based email, and I don't need this to [...] Continue reading

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