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Rick Schwartz Says Domainers Getting the Shaft While Partners Roll in The Dough

Our new T.R.A.F.F.I.C. South Beach preview article wound up covering much more ground than we anticipated. Conference Co-Founder Rick Schwartz took off the gloves saying domain owners are getting shafted while their "partners" roll in the dough. Schwartz also laid out how T.R.A.F.F.I.C. plans to respond. [...] Continue reading


Hot Tub Time Machine

Friday nights are movie night at my place. Life in the Cayman Islands doesn’t offer that much cinema selection, so I built a really kick-ass theater in the house. Imagine feather stuffed sofas, suede paneled walls, muti-tiered wood ceiling, a monster-ass Capiz shell chandelier and the Panasonic 103. Tonight’s viewing selection consisted of “Hot [...] Continue reading

Good URL Bad URL

Alichia Keller was on-the-spot with this bad banner ad. 3 dashes does not exactly make this URL dashing. [...] Continue reading


The Man Who Navigated Through Treacherous Straits and Back Into Open Water

A new Cover Story is out at It is a profile of Jeff Kupietzky, the man who has guided (parent company of DomainSponsor, Moniker, SnapNames and DOMAINfest) through a severe recession and unexpected crises that could have easily brought down a company with less skilled leadership. [...] Continue reading

Good URL Bad URL

Sorry for being AWOL these past couple months. Don't worry, I haven't been cured of my URL-aholism. Was just busy promoting my Google book via blog tour and settling into my new role at Kenshoo. More on why I took the gig on the now defunct Connectual blog.Thankfully, my fellow URL-aholics have been busy URL-spotting [...] Continue reading

Good URL Bad URL

Here's one from our good friend and Duke of URL, Aaron Bynum. In his words..."Attached here is a screenshot from a local (Champaign, IL) TV commercial by a furniture business.I'm a bit stumped as to why they plaster the URL '' in the TV commercial, when the URL is just a redirect to ''... it [...] Continue reading

Good URL Bad URL

Mr. Askew checks in with #44 here. He spotted this at Think Tank conference. While I don't love the Spacing Issues staggering the URL across 3 lines, the Leading Caps (which I just learned is technically called Camel Case) and Alternating Fonts more than make up for it. I also love the slogan here. In [...] Continue reading

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