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iGoldrush is your source for the most current domain industry news and information. Read the most current domain news below, then visit our news archive for domain news from years past. In addition to domain name news, you’ll find domain articles, information, and interviews with top industry insiders.

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Domain Shane

About Frickin Time: Your Paying $5 For Debit Cards Will Save Me Thousands

Credit Cards are a part of life I understand.  They are also a cost of doing business.  But the banks were screwing me and now it’s time you paid for your own free stuff. I appreciate the fraud prevention and 24 hour deposit into my bank account the the banks and clearing houses provide and [...] Continue reading

The Frager Factor

Scandalous: BREASTaurant Gate and Heiress is BROKE, Oh My

PLUS... Google brews beer, Invests $75 Million in Home Solar Market and like tea port calling... Cries Extortion Over Microsoft's Android Tactics costing $444 million a year in licensing fees; Startups getting caught in "No Man's Land" (you will relate) and new WordPress themesOwen FragerBREASTaurant Gate!Hooters Lawsuit Claims Rival Restaurant Stole â Trade [...] Continue reading

Bruce Marler Misses the Mark with Domain Name

I have not blogged about domain names much lately but to my domainer friends, do not worry, my heads still int he game. Tonight I witnessed a domain fail that was worth blogging about. Typically I fall on the side of the business owner when people complain about bad [...] Continue reading

Morgan Linton

WordPress 101

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) originally designed for blogging that has now become one of the most popular website creation tools on the planet. WordPress has become popular for a number of reasons, it’s easy to use, has a great plugin library, and my favorite – WordPress has the best-looking themes out there, [...] Continue reading

The Frager Factor

Tear-jerker & Eye-popping severance packages- Take nothing for granted.

PLUS: Civil unrest EVERYWHERE; Has a Speeding Neutrino Really Overturned Einstein?; Spotify Launches ‘Private Listening’ for Your Guilty Pleasures; New Bill Would Sarah Palin Robo-Calls to iPhones; Former Googler Builds Site That Shows You What Top Tech Companies Pay and Lady gaga is a tech titan and also not shy about taking strong stands on [...] Continue reading

Domain Consultant

“Domain names are worthless”

The recent availability of is a good thing, a very good thing because it brings the discussion of domains and their value and relevancy into the mainstream. Yet in that regard, it also brings to the surface those naysayers, you know, the ones who have been barking for the last 15 years? Waiting for [...] Continue reading

Domain Name Wire

Coming Soon: The .XXX Speedboat

ICM Registry to sponsor world champion powerboat racer Mike Seebold. ICM Registry, the company behind the new .xxx top level domain name, is entering world class powerboat racing with world champion driver Mike Seebold to compete at this year’s Off Shore World Championships in Key West, Florida. We’ve already seen domain name company’s names plastered [...] Continue reading

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