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Domain Sushi

Pre-Domainfest: Report from the Southern California Domainers Meetup

Last night I attended the Southern California Domainers Meetup organized by Morgan Linton and Jason Thompson, and I can attest to two things: first, it was among the best free networking events I’ve ever been to, and second, if you are in town for DOMAINfest and skipped it, you missed out.* Morgan started out by [...] Continue reading


AT&T’s Randall & Stankey: Wireless Data Growth Half The FCC Prediction

John Stankey, President and CEO, AT&T: "Data consumption right now is growing 40% a year."40%, not 92%-120%. "Data consumption right now is growing 40% a year," John Stankey of AT&T told investors and his CEO Randall Stephenson confirmed on the investor call. That's far less than the 92% predicted by Cisco's VNI model or the [...] Continue reading

TheDomains Sells $1.68 Million In Domains Led By At 45K just released its weekly sales list. In all sold 939 domain names totaling over $1.68 million with 34% of them being “buy it now” sales. led all sales at $45K followed by selling for around $30K Here are the reportable sales: Domain name [...] Continue reading

Available Domain Names

Available Domain Names for Jan-31

Today's list checks in with 82 freshly expired domains now available for registration. A vast majority of the domains on my watchlist didn't make it through today. I'm running short on time so I'll withhold my personal preferences on this list. Grab them while they're available as the best ones [...] Continue reading


Prof. Dave Farber on Where the Internet is Headed

"Internet protocols simply aren't adequate for the changes in hardware and network use that will come up in a decade or so," says Professor Dave Farber who was recently interviewed by Andy Oram. "Dave predicts that computers will be equipped with optical connections instead of pins for networking, and the volume of data [...] Continue reading


DMARC: New Email Authentication Protocol

A consortium of companies including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Paypal have announced that they were collaborating and coming up with a new protocol known as DMARC — the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance. What is DMARC? This is very much a summary of DMARC in a nutshell (I will probably [...] Continue reading

It’s 2012 and Registrars should provide bulk edit

It’s 2012, and domain Registrars should provide bulk edit features – or risk losing their accreditation. I kept about 100 ccTLD domains with Domainmonster for the past year; when the time came for renewal, I decided that having waited for a full year for them to implement their bulk edit feature was plenty of time. [...] Continue reading

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