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The Frager Factor

Move ME is the 21st Century’s Killer App

Congratulations to Mike Berkens on beating back a cheap shot to take one of his most valuable domains. Unfortunately, like most big corporations, they went ahead and built a whole launch of a product around a  brand name they hadn't secured as a domain. And though they probably could have bought it, now [...] Continue reading


DNForum closes trademark sales threads down – What does Flippa do?

Popular domain forum – voted top domain forum for 2011 – continues its firm practice of disallowing and closing down sales threads that offer trademark violations for sale. An example can be seen at this thread, where an obvious Google trademark domain was being offered for sale. The thread was closed with the notification [...] Continue reading

The Frager Factor

How Much Did Frank Schilling Leave On The Table? Guess Again!

"Always leave some money on the table for the next guy. -- Frank Schilling via Twitter At first when I got the invite yesterday, I thought it was a fake Frank Schilling tweeting, but now I see he picked up where he left [...] Continue reading


We Beat Back Sony’s Attempt to Register A Trademark On A Domain We Own;

We just took on one of the biggest company’s in the world and won. We acquired the domain name, in a auction by the .me registry on in November 2010. Sony launched it product fits called, for its PlayStation 3 in January 2011 Sony filed for a trademark on term in [...] Continue reading

Elliot Silver

Things I Look for in Expiring Domain Names

I’ve been buying and bidding on more and more expiring domain names at NameJet in the last couple of years. I wouldn’t say I am a big buyer, but I do spend quite a bit of time searching for good dropping domain names to buy, and I’ve had some success flipping auction purchases (never sold [...] Continue reading

Domain Shane

Saturday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around Town 3-31-12

  You might have heard but I didn’t win the lotto yesterday.  I’ll check my ticket later to see if I won that worthless consolation prize of $250K but when I heard the big winner didn’t come from my state I was astounded.  I fully expected to win.  I am a very positive person and [...] Continue reading

Nobody at Google knows what’s going on with parking issues

As I’ve been testing a handful of domains at, a situation with one particular domain – – turned up. Simply put, while traffic is minimal, 50% of the time that I tested for optimization purposes, no ads showed up, unlike in the past, according to snapshots captured by Screenshots – the free service [...] Continue reading

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