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iGoldrush is your source for the most current domain industry news and information. Read the most current domain news below, then visit our news archive for domain news from years past. In addition to domain name news, you’ll find domain articles, information, and interviews with top industry insiders.

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DomainGang The beauty of collaborative journalism on a dot .CO domain

Hi. Short. Memorable. On a dot .CO extension, therefore trendy, hip, modern. is a community of writers, journalists, bloggers, illustrators, photographers, travelers, poets, and musicians exploring the world, and sharing those explorations through images and text. Beyond that simple definition, hides an entire universe open to exploration. The image one posts via the [...] Continue reading


Verisign probes name collisions link to MH370

Verisign is investigating whether Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 went missing due to a DNS name collision. The Boeing 777 disappeared on a routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, March 8. Despite extensive international searches of the Indian Ocean and beyond, no trace of the plane has yet been found. Now Verisign is pondering aloud [...] Continue reading

The Frager Factor

Three Billionaires Engaged in Fierce Bidding War: Ends @$102 Million Highest Ever Paid

The Frager Factor

Millennials: Think Beyond the Selfie’; The Fascinating Psychology Behind Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Domain Name Wire syndication with GoDaddy is over

Today is the last day domains listed on will show up for searches on GoDaddy. Today is the last day that Sedo listings will be syndicated to GoDaddy. It turns out it’s also the last day for listings on the site. That means that after today, the only way for the typical domain [...] Continue reading

How Much Time Do You Actually Spend Working?

This question isn’t only relevant for domainers and/or entrepreneurs, it’s just as relevant for employees, freelancers and pretty much everyone else. I’ve noticed (and I’m sure most of you will agree) that people spend *so* much time on completely unproductive things (videos, random articles, you name it) when they’re (supposed to be) working that it’s [...] Continue reading


More Trademark Clearing House Abuse: Texas & Venture Triggers Notice

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about Trademark holders of generic terms applying to the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH) where trademarks on many of which were causing some of those 500,000 “warnings” to go out to people trying to register a new gTLD domain name. Today we bring you the world famous trademarks for [...] Continue reading

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