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Domain Shane

A Look Back at Last Years’ Predictions And How I Did

Predictions are worthless unless you go back and take a look at whether they were right or wrong.  Its why you’re going to get a bunch of “predictions for 2016” articles and no “how my predictions went last year” post.  Accountability was lost a few decades ago when the Internet was invented.  It’s why I [...] Continue reading

Domain Owl

Your Twitter Tip Sheet

The eruption of twitter as a marketing tool has made for some confusion in the online ranks. What started out as a method of notifying people or pertinent news is now a channel for almost nonstop promotion and public relations. It was not meant to be a play by play or stream of consciousness narrative, [...] Continue reading

Domain Name Wire

Zhuang Jia: Chinese Pump and Dump

Joseph Peterson draws parallels between market manipulators in Chinese stock markets and the domain name market. An article just published by Bloomberg gives us an x-ray glimpse into a Chinese investment culture reliant on pump-and-dump schemes. The parallels with domain market activity during 2015 are so obvious that even this sentence feels a bit redundant. A Shanghai accountant sums it all [...] Continue reading

Domain Shane

Auction Recap, 31st of December

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 31st of December Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,404.09 Auction Quick Recap I listened to the DNW’s podcast of 2016 predictions yesterday. A lot of good information in there to sift through and apply as needed. Some of my goals next year,  are [...] Continue reading

Domain Name Wire

Are you sending 1099 Tax Forms? Here’s how to make it easy.

Online services make it easier to remain compliant with 1099s. If you’re a U.S. domainer that pays freelancers, contractors or a law firm, then you’re likely required to send out 1099s each year. Fortunately, there’s an easy and cheap way to do it online. First, here are examples of whom you need to send a [...] Continue reading

Domain Shane

New gTLD Development: TheGreen.Diet, BIGG.Global, Slimming.Help

This week features a few different sites and approaches to help drop a few pounds after the holiday eating season. Screenshots are linked if you’d like to check them out for yourself. TheGreen.Diet A rebrand from, which isn’t particularly radio friendly. is available for $3,988 via BuyDomains, whereas TheGreen.Diet likely cost $25 or [...] Continue reading

The Frager Factor

Names 2015: Booms As Domains Do.

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