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The iGoldrush tag pages feature articles and content that have been tagged with "domain name auction". These tags are designed to help you quickly find the information that you're looking for throughout iGoldrush.
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Domain Name Bidding War Sells for $500k

Posted on 06/30/2009 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog: sells for $500,000 through the domain brokerage firm, Sedo. The domain was sold to National A-1, which is the same company that recently purchased from Yahoo! for $380,000. National A-1, a company that focuses on the acquisition of premium domain names was also a runner up in the …
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Yahoo! Sells for $380k

Posted on 06/17/2009 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

Search giant Yahoo! sold the domain name for $380,000 during the live domain name auction at the Domain Roundtable conference in Washington, D.C.

The auction bidding started at $150,000 and quickly received 15 bids from 3 different bidders, two live and one online, moving the price of the …
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Posted on 04/06/2008 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

After hearing about the sale of, owner Chris Clark decided to put his own name up for sale. The name was put up for auction at Sedo and ended up fetching $2.6 million.…
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Posted on 10/18/2006 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

Domain auctioneer is holding a live domain auction with premium domain names and .mobi mobile domains. is valued at $2-$10 million.…
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auDA Plans to Auction Rare Domains

Posted on 12/18/2001 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

auDA, the company that manages the .au domains, has announced a new auction process for rare domain names that were classified as generic names and were therefore not available to businesses to register. The company claims that the auction process will make sure that there is a “fair and equitable …
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VeriSign Bans Auction of Offensive Names

Posted on 09/19/2001 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

VeriSign banned the auction of domain names it deemed “offensive” that were related to last week’s terrorist attack in New York City on the World Trade Center. The ban follows a week full of registrations of disaster related domain names.…
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Teacher registers British Prime Minister’s baby domain

Posted on 05/22/2000 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

As soon as Tony Blair’s newborn baby’s name was announced, schoolteacher Diana George rushed online to register and in an effort to make a bit of money, half of which she offered to give to charity.…
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Posted on 04/26/2000 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

Even though there’s no content on the site, the url pulls in over 100,000 unique visitors a month. However, the domain name is now up for sale in what promises to be a heated auction. The name broker thinks they’ll get at least $8 million for the name.…
Continue Reading... Ownership Challenged and Father Wins Rights

Posted on 03/18/2000 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

The site was registered by a man from Dayton, Ohio and then almost immediately put up for sale on for $500,000. The name Dodi Al Fayed was made famous when Mohamed Al Fayed (nicknamed Dodi) died in the car crash with Princess Diana. The name was registered as …
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Posted on 02/25/2000 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

A small software company, US Webco, had registered both the trademark and the domain name Now, after getting some hefty offers for the site name, they’ve decided to sell both in a package deal.…
Continue Reading... Sells for $3 Million

Posted on 02/01/2000 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

The hyped up domain name auction by showed the domain name industry is alive and hopping, as their top name,, sold for a cool $3 million. Other notable sales included, which sold for $400,000, and, which sold for $530,000.…
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The Sale for Gates’ Name Is Off

Posted on 01/26/2000 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

The domain name went up for sale about a month ago, but has recently been dropped from the for sale list.…
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Posted on 01/05/2000 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

The domain name was up for sale on ebay last week and drew bids of up to $10 million. Many of the bids turned out to be pranks and the site will go up for sale again through a private domain sale.…
Continue Reading... Bidding War Full Of Pranks

Posted on 01/04/2000 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

A Houston based company had sold the domain name on eBay, which closed the bidding at $10 million. However, the winning bid turned out to be a prank, says eBay spokesperson, Kevin Pursglove. The two bids before that were also not legitimate. The final price of the domain name …
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Intel Porn Squatters Taking Cheap Shots

Posted on 10/21/1999 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

The site, previously run by a cybersquatters as a pornography site which Intel thought would soil their reputation, suddenly had a for-sale sign hung on its front page after Intel threatened to take legal action. When sale efforts failed, the domain name went up for auction on, with …
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Intel Asked to Pay $400 Grand for Porn Site

Posted on 10/14/1999 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

Since March, the site published a heavy arrangement of pornographic links and pictures. However, since Intel, the computer chip maker, because aware of the site, the links have been removed and a simple ‘for sale’ sign has appeared there instead. The domain mentions that the current bid is $150,000 …
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Posted on 08/17/1999 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

Game Zero Magazine, the owner of, put the domain name up for auction today on ebay. The first bid for the domain came in at $95,000.…
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