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The iGoldrush tag pages feature articles and content that have been tagged with "domain registration fees". These tags are designed to help you quickly find the information that you're looking for throughout iGoldrush.
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Congress Overturns Federal Ruling Against Illegal Taxes

Posted on 05/01/1998 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

Last night, Congress approved the taxes collected by Network Solutions during the registration of domain names. The tax had previously been ruled as illegal in a class action lawsuit. Congress’ ruling is retroactive; meaning all the money collected by Network Solutions will not be going back to the registrants, as …
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Judge Says the Government Was Stealing Domain Taxes

Posted on 04/09/1998 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

In a class action suit against Network Solutions and the National Science Foundation (NSF), a federal judge has ruled that the collection of $15 per domain name registration (a 30% fee) was an illegal tax. The judge has yet to decide on how and if to award plaintiffs.…
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Network Solutions in Class Action Suit

Posted on 03/17/1998 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

Network Solutions and the National Science Foundation (NSF) now face a class action suit from domain registrants who claim the two entities formed a license to steal by collecting a 30% fee on all domain registrations.…
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Domain Registry Lowers Price

Posted on 03/16/1998 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

Network Solutions announced that they will no longer be collecting the 30% extra charge in their domain registration process. The charge had been set up to fund efforts by the NSF (National Science Foundation) to oversee the domain name system. This comes just before a class action lawsuit against Network …
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Congress Begins Spending Domain Fund

Posted on 10/14/1997 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

Congress set aside $23 million dollars to be spent through the NSF (National Science Foundation) on the White House’s Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative. The plan is to increase the speed and usability of online applications. The funds congress set aside come from the $34.2 million fund from Network Solutions …
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Network Solutions Cracks Down on Registration Fees

Posted on 04/02/1997 in News & Articles: iGoldRush Blog:

Network Solutions recently reported that over half of their one million domain name registrations were not yet paid. In a policy change, Network Solutions has added direct mail to their billing process in addition to email, which they consider unreliable. Additionally, they’re also considering a prepayment system, requiring an upfront …
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