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IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) operating under ICANN, oversees the assignment of IP addresses to Internet Service Providers. In addition, IANA oversees root zone management for DNS and other internet protocol assignments. IANA previously operated under contract of the US Government, but is now operated under ICANN, the Internet Corporation …
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ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) is a non-profit organization created to oversee global internet related tasks that were previously managed by IANA, under contract from the US Government. ICANN is primarily responsible for managing the Internet’s top level domains (TLD’s), overseeing the allocation of IP addresses and …
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IDN (Internationalized Domain Names)

IDN is the acronym for Internationalized Domain Names and refers to a domain name that contains one or more non ASCII characters. These domain names have the ability to use characters from non-English languages such as Chinese or Arabic. Because traditional domain names do not allow for use of these …
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IP Address

An IP Address, or Internet Protocol Address, is a unique, numerical address that is assigned to each device on a network that is connected to the Internet.  Domain names are mapped to a specific IP Address, which then tells the location of that web site on the Internet. An example …
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