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Welcome to Internet Goldrush

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You have questions, we have answers.  You won't find more information about domain names anywhere on the web.  If you're new to the domain name industry, check out our domain name guide.  If you're a seasoned domainer, sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date on the latest industry changes and browse through our domain resources or company reviews to find other helpful domain sites.


Domain Name News

.xyz, .club and .vip get the nod to sell in China

The Chinese government has granted licenses to operate in the country to its first tranche of new gTLDs — .vip, .club and .xyz. The agreements mean that Chinese registrars will be able to give their Chinese customers the ability to actually use their domains for web sites. It also means the companies will be obliged [...] Continue reading

Domain Name Wire

This is big: China approves .Club, .VIP and .XYZ

Domain names can now be hosted in China. .Club, .VIP (MMX) and XYZ are celebrating today after being approved by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (“MIIT”). The approvals mark the first time Western new top level domain registries have received MIIT’s stamp of approval for domains to be hosted in China. Previously, .Club, [...] Continue reading


Domain Movers:, + More

Welcome to Domain Movers, in this series, DotWeekly focuses on corporate domain name transactions and reports them to you. The following domain names are early finds and will often lead to new brands, services and marketing efforts by many large companies. I have been pretty busy lately working on a new offering for domain investors, [...] Continue reading

Domain Shane Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, December 5th

The first every auction ends today.  I think most people that had names in auction are happy with the results.  We did a little over $50,000 in sales which I realize is less than one name for several of the people that auction regularly, but it was our first auction.  We wanted to [...] Continue reading

Domain Sherpa

Build Your Own Registrar, Ray King Tells You How

If you're tired of your registrar nickel-and-diming you for features or being slow as molasses to add improvement or fix bugs, you can do something about it: build your own registrar.Today's guest did exactly that, from the ground up.You'll hear what is required to build a registrar, how he chose his technology stack, how long [...] Continue reading

Morgan Linton

Will beat’s record as the top .CN sale?

I noticed a press release today that caught my attention, it was a press release specifically for While I’ve seen press releases for big juicy one-word .COMs I haven’t seen it as much in other markets, and nor have I seen them put out that they expect the domain to shatter the previous price [...] Continue reading

Robbie Ferguson

How to avoid losing traffic to the .com!

Today:  Getting started in domain investing / How many full-time domainers focus exclusively on new TLDs? / Christmas tree showcase, let’s see them! / And more. Here are the new discussions and domain name news. Please appraise WOMEN.MEN – This one is interesting. How would you appraise a domain like this one? The future of .COM after new [...] Continue reading

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