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Selling Your Domain Name via a Broker

A number of different companies provide services selling domain names. As the market for domain names is still somewhat young, it is difficult to rank the services offered by these companies in an absolute way. Not only that, but the brokers with a lot of experience and who have a good track record, often won’t deal with a novice or anyone without a large number of premium names.  Follow this three-step plan to help you select which company to use.

    1. Visit the various brokers ; explore their sites thoroughly to get a feel for layout and mode of operation.


  • Send an exploratory e-mail to the contact address on each site. Explain your interest in selling your domain names, and ask any relevant questions. Check how long it takes for a representative to contact you, and how appropriate their reply is to your requirements.



  • Choose a site after reviewing the information acquired through steps 1 and 2.


You may decide that none of the companies fit your exact requirements, in which case you’ll have to trust your own instincts and skills, and sell your domain name independently.

Less and less people are using domain brokers, but they still serve a vital role in the domain name industry. If you own a large number of domains, you might try splitting them up between yourself and a broker, to see which option will work better.

Now let’s discuss the most important part of buying and selling in the secondary market – negotiating.

12 Responses to Selling Your Domain Name via a Broker

  1. MpchurillaLl
    06/13/2012 at 21:19

    Does your site broker sales of Domain names?

  2. I’m considering selling my videography business. Clearly, the domain would be the most valuable thing. Amongst dozens of highly ranked search terms, “Los Angeles Videographer” and “southern california videographer” both have my site at #1 on Google. So I KNOW it would be of value to someone in my industry in this area…but how do I get the word out? Or is it best to use a broker?

  3. I find it best to use a domain broker if you have an asset that is worth something. Many domain brokers deal with this type of thing everyday and know how to respond to potential buyers. They always try to get you top dollar for your domains

    • Hi Eddle,

      You mean to you have a good broker. if you have then please send me details of that broker i want to hire him or her immediately. i have few domain to sell and will purchase soon next week.


  4. Hello,

    I am New to domain business. I have couple of domains i want sell through good broker. Any guide is acceptable.


  5. Hi
    I have a big portfolio of domains that I really need to sell with best prices. Kindly, please contact me back. Best! Heidi

  6. Hello, Few days ago, I received email from domain broker that he have potential buyer for my domain does anybody have same experience with me?.

    The email like this


    I represent an investor who is going to buy for a new online project.

    The buyer can offer you $15,000 or even more if you have a certified appraisal.

    I help clients of our hosting company to buy and sell intellectual properties.

    Best Regards,

    Is it real or fake? Thanks all

    • Sorry but that sounds like a certified appraisal scam where they imply that they have a buyer, but it would require a certified appraisal to proceed. In actuality they probably don’t have a buyer, but they will gladly charge you for the appraisal. Avoid.

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