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Selling Your Domain Names

This section of the Guide assumes that you’ve familiarized yourself with domain names (if you’re just starting, you’ll want to read the introduction to domain names), have purchased one or more, and are now trying to resell your domain name… now what?

Before you get down to the hard work necessary to sell your domain name, you’ll need to place some kind of value on it (even if you are not going to publicize the value you’ve placed on a domain name, it’s important to know what the minimum amount you’d accept for it is.)

There are essentially two main ways to sell a domain name: you can find a buyer yourself, or you can use a company/organization to find a buyer on your behalf.

If you choose a domain name broker (site or service that assists you in finding a buyer for your domain name) that does not demand exclusivity, you can even combine both types of sales strategy i.e. list your domain name for sale with the broker, and at the same time solicit buyers independently.

Always remember that the current domain name resale market is much weaker than it was just a couple of years ago, at the height of the Dot-com bubble.

Back then, if you owned a decent domain name, you could generally sit back and wait for the buyers to come to you. Nowadays, you need to be much more proactive in your approach if you want to successfully sell your domain name(s).

At the same time, never discount the possibility of “walk-in” buyers; in other words, potential buyers coming across your domain name during a search, and inquiring about its availability.

To this end, it’s essential that you keep your Whois record (the record of ownership of your domain name) updated at all times, and free from errors. You just never know who might be trying to contact you!

Read on for more information on selling your domain names.

70 Responses to Selling Your Domain Names

  1. It’s true, that it was so hard to sell domain these days. I’ve been trying to sell my unused domain but it was so hard to find the buyer.
    I know my domain name is not that good and i hope by sell it in a cheap price there’ll be someone to buy it, but it’s still not sold yet.

  2. so even if your using yahoowebhosting you can still sell your domain name?.. more info pls

  3. I have over 3000 domains for sae including
    All towns hotels all great

  4. What do you think would be worth?

  5. i want to sell this domain
    can i know how to do that

    • Hi! You may want to list your domain in the free iGoldrush Domain Showcase:

      It’s a great way to get additional exposure for names that you are selling. You can also elect to have your portfolio reviewed by our brokers as well. Let me know if you have any questions!

  6. Hello, I have a Domain that I want to make, and I think it has a very good ring to it’s name. I have 3 Questions.
    1.) I went on and they wanted a monthly fee, if I sold it, how would I get rid of that fee, and is there a way to buy it with no monthly fees?

    2.) If I have a good Domain name, can it sell for big money?

    3.) Is it smart to go into a Domain selling Business.

    (I seen a Domain go for 4,000+ Dollars.)

    • Hi Diane- Thanks for posting! I will contact you via email to answer all of your questions. πŸ™‚

      • Hi Admin,

        I’ve a similar question as Diane. Can you please revert back to me as well with your answers!


      • Can you also give me the answers to this?
        I’m looking ways to buy domains and sell but don’t know where to start.


        Sunisa Chum

  7. Never mind I should have read the other comments first!

  8. I have a domain name that another company wants. This other company has the same name as my VERY small consulting business. In fact this company had an attorney send me a letter saying I must transfer ownership of my domain to their company to avoid copyright infringement. I don’t think this is true. Does anyone have any advice?

    • Well you could ask them to make you an offer to buy your domain or something.

    • Hi

      Jimmy I have also received legal notice from one company they saying your domain is our trademark and copyright handover your domain with contant otherwise we have to legal from the owner of this domain.

      i am not understand why they saying this is against copyright.

      • Be careful, this is probably a clever trick to scare you into giving up your domain. About 9 years ago, I fell for this scare tactic.

        I ended up transferring the domain to the company.

        I regret that decision to this day.

    • Hmm.. I’m no lawyer, but I think that as long as you were using the name commercially before the other company was, it doesn’t matter how big or small your firm is. Also, if you are in a different line of business (so that there’s no possible consumer confusion) then you aren’t actually “diluting” or profiting from their trademark, so there’s no infringement. The only stipulation is that you’ll actually have had to be using it for your business, and not just “parking” it. Even one client referral or sale is enough.

      Imho, they’re just trying to bluff you into giving it up for nothing. Don’t do it. Don’t name a specific price because they could use that as “evidence” that you’re just speculating or squatting on their trademark. They have to prove the alleged infringement, and in the meantime you can sell it to anyone you like in any case.

      If they really want it and they can’t make their case legally, they’ll make you an offer. Simply refuse to give it up until they put forward an offer that’s to your liking.

      This actually happened to someone I knew. He just laughed when he received their lawyer’s letter because he was actually a lawyer himself. Eventually they offered him $25K for it and he sold it to them. IMHO, you should stick to your guns!

      What say you, iGoldrush???

      • I own a domaine name

        Ebay is mad and wanted me to give it to them
        Yea Right” So if they take me to court to get it I will appeal on the basis of Why has Ebay not tryed to get the Domain names like i hate &%%%%%ebay.comWhy cause they want mine because it is Ausam
        Robert One more thing If they send me a official letter Then I will try to sell the letter on EBAY SWEET

  9. i want to sale domain name
    one is
    2nd is

  10. Hi everybody,
    I have one domain called and I want to sell it. If anyone is interested, kindly let me know.

  11. Hi everybody,

    maybe someone want to buy my domain

  12. We want to sell the domain name “”. If any one is interested, please contact us @

  13. I’m looking for a well mannered buyer for a great domain, named:

    It even comes with a great logo.

    It can easily fit adult content, as well as all kinds of other stuff. What can I say.

  14. Hi,
    We would like to sell this website interested people can send an email at

  15. Domain For Sale

  16. I just registered with you and it wouldn’t let me login. It says password not valid or something. When I tried to retrieve password it said my email was invalid. What’s going on?

  17. Hi

    I want Sell my domains if anybody interested contact my mail id :-

    Domains :-

    with one year hosting unlimited space and unlimited add domains in domain plan.

  18. i am selling my domain name if any 1 intrested then please email me

  19. Generally domain names these do not cost too much, but i have a domain name, website, that attracts a reasonable traffic, and now an organization has approached me to buy it. They could do the same thing i’m doing but i guess a brand has been created, can i charge a premium for what i have done?

  20. hi. i have a domain name that i just recently purchased called about skateboarding. it also has a site in which the home page is being built right now. i paid a lot of money for this service, but i’m not interested in building the entire stie. i now want to sell the name & the site. How do i go about doing that, & how can i find the value of it?

  21. I want to sell my domain If any intrested please do contact via email.
    Thank you.

  22. hello is for sale

  23. Anyone interested?

  24. Will my domain name give me some return if I want to sell it. My domain is for industrial purpose or it may be use for general purpose.

  25. For sale – http://www.ThisBudsForYou (all extensions).

  26. i want to sell my domain name. But i don’t know how much value??

  27. Can i sell my domain names through

  28. Michael Shriner
    09/19/2012 at 17:28

    The best place to sell a domain is .. they are new, but only charge a 5% end of auction fee.

  29. I would not advise anyone to get into the domain business right now as the market is just very weak. It is a bad time for the
    domain business.

    If you have a domain name just develop it,
    other wise you will likely end up taking a huge loss.

    personally i think it is largely just a
    huge money laundering racquet. I learned
    the hard way and i hope others can learn
    from my experience without taking the
    huge monetary losses.

    The reason the market is so bad is mostly due to all of the new domian extensions
    (.co,.us,.info)etc. It doesnt give me any
    pleasure to say this but it appears ICANN
    has betrayed the domainers with their
    greedy corporate milk the cow until it
    dies tactics.

    whatever you do dont buy sell trade any domain extension other than .com!!!

    It’s a TOTAL trap.

    Best of luck to everyone.

  30. Everybody seems to think that they’ll make a fortune by squatting on keyword based domain names, but in my opinion this type of greedy speculation just kills opportunities for legitimate web business and really annoys consumers.

    Now, whenever you search for a popular keyword phrase and click on the associated “dotcom” you’ll likely be redirected to a parked “this domain is for sale” page.

    True, in the past you could simply buy up cheap domain names based on popular related keywords and redirect them to your website, but now they’ve become so ridiculously overpriced that it’s much cheaper and more effective to just advertise.

    What’s makes it even worse is that most of these overpriced “premium” or “resale” domain names have no actual traffic, and most people will quickly leave the page (never to return!) as soon as they see that it’s simply another useless page full of paid ads anyways.

    Only a true fool would pay the prices that some of these fools are asking. It’s no wonder that the market is crashing. Perhaps the greed mongers have finally outsmarted themselves!

  31. I need to sell my domain name but I don’t know how. Would you help me?

  32. I don’t think there is money in selling domains names now especially if you are new to the business. Most of the decent domain names (forget about good or elite domain names) have already been booked πŸ™

  33. I have recently started my website. It is around 2 months old. I have started earning around 3$ per day. I spent around $1.5 Per day in its marketing. Can I sell this website? What should be the right price?

  34. I want to seal the unused trademark free domain names /

  35. Hello, I bought some domain names to make some money. godaddy appraisal gave me a price between $120-$900 price range. I read that to make money the domain name has to be old with good traffic. I just bought the domain names and want to sell it after 60 days. Will it be a problem? I still have good words in my mind but I am afraid that it may not sell unless it has a website.
    please advice me

    • Hi Liz, Some domain names are valuable based solely on the name, while others are valuable because of the website and brand built behind the name. If you have a great domain, there’s no need to have a website with it in order to sell as buyers want the name for their own use. It is true that older domains with established traffic are more valuable and will be easier to sell, but it’s no unheard of to sell newer names to end users as well. Check out for a quick appraisal on your names and then read through our guide about selling domain names in the Domain Guide. Thanks!

  36. Hello,
    By parking your domain for sale, you give it a chance to sell more quickly, do not forget to list it in major domain marketplaces.

    If you know the value of your domain name, it is better to list it at a reasonable price

  37. that should be whois free search- thanks

  38. I have recently bought this domain for affiliate marketing. But soon have realized that age is a big factor in ranking your site high. Is it a good practice to buy an older domain to get better result?

  39. I have just started a business of selling domains but trying to find to find good buyer or broker for a long term business.

    I don’t want $ xx,xx,xxx but with reasonable price and professional business.

    Please help to get good buyer or broker.

  40. Hi,

    My question is… what is the process of changing the whois details after i buy a domain? i want my details to show there. how long does it take for my details to show in whois? Thanks.

    • In order to change the whois details for your domain, simply log into your registrar account and update your associated contacts. Changes are usually immediate.

  41. After you put up your website for sale at drop by and list it there for free. Double the exposure and link back to your igoldrush listing. The same goes to anyone that has a website and/or domain regardless of where it is put up for sale. MrL.

  42. Thank you for such an informative article! It was very helpful and brought clarity!

  43. I would like an evaluation on this domain please… I also have and would be prepared to sell them both together…
    Please let me know if they are saleable or not…
    Thank you

  44. Hello,

    my name is Diana and i wanna sell my Domain.
    My domain is considered very good. How can I sell best?

    thank you

    • Diana- There are many ways to sell your domain name, from marketplaces like Sedo to auctions like eBay. Here are iGoldrush, we offer the Domain Showcase, which is 100% to submit and list your name. All sales offers are forwarded to you as the owner to negotiate. If you’re interested in submitting your domains, please visit You may want to consider having your domain appraised first, if you have already done so.

  45. I wish to sell my domain but don’t know how or to whom… any suggestions? thank you.

  46. I want to sell my domain having more than 5000 business registered till date and nice traffic score as well.

  47. hello there are 600 domain names Thank You

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